Darkness is a Hell of a Coach - Tag Necklace

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Darkness is a HELL of a Coach

This isn’t just a slogan – it's your battle cry. When life throws shadows your way, you're not just facing challenges: you're claiming Triumphs. Adversity's got nothing on your determination. So let's rewrite the script: stand strong, lift heavy, conquer the obstacles, and rise to your Victory over Darkness.

BLACKOUT Tag Necklace

Introducing our new "Darkness is a HELL of a Coach" black stainless steel men's tag necklace. Custom made from high-quality black stainless steel, it's as tough as the message it carries.

• Handcrafted and designed, forged in blacked out steel
• Comes with 22-inch stainless-steel black chain


Customer Reviews

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Michelle S.

Love this necklace! It's a great subtle reminder that I can make it through hard days! 💪🏻 looks great and isn't flashy

farzad m. (Rancho Santa Fe, California)

I love the necklace and wear it everyday. I actually got a tattoo of Darkness is a Hell of a Coach on my back! You guys rock

James M. (Eatonton, Georgia)

I actually never received this item.

Bragi (Arvada, Colorado)
An Outstanding Design & A Great Gift

Looking for the ultimate gift to someone close whose struggling…..this a great reminder to look at those moments as a challenge and learning experience and to keep pushing forward!

Bragi (Arvada, Colorado)
Close to my heart!

I waited as I wanted to see how this held up. Been wearing it consistently for about 2 weeks where it also has contact with a stainless steel chain and Thor's hammer. Despite the interaction there is little evidence of wear . A quality product with a great deal of encouragement and motivation.

Jacob H. (Bradenton, Florida)
Subtle yet badass

It's not flashy but I have people try to read it every day. It's a great conversation starter and the message hits close to home. I haven't taken it off since I got it and it's durable and comfortable. Love it