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Picture this: the squat rack, usually occupied, now stands open. It's like the unguarded cookie plate on Christmas Eve, just waiting for someone to dive in. And there, the gym's very own Buddy the Elf can't believe their luck. It's the moment they've been waiting for all year—not a silent night but a clanging day, filled with the promise of sets and reps. You can almost hear the jingle bells mixed with the clink of the weights.
This gym elf, with a twinkle in their eye, approaches the rack as if it's the grand Christmas tree on the morning of the 25th, their heart racing faster than children unwrapping gifts. Each weight plate is a present, each rep a carol, each set a festival of gains waiting to be unleashed. There's a sense of wonder that's palpably merry, a feeling of joy usually reserved for holiday surprises.

As they load the bar, it's not sugarplums but visions of squats that dance in their head. They've been good all year, sticking to their training schedule, and now Santa Bro has delivered. With a belt cinched tight and knee sleeves pulled up, they step under the bar with the eagerness of a child stepping into fresh snow on Christmas morning. The descent is silent, the ascent a crescendo of personal victory—each lift a chime in their jolly jingle of joy.

"OMG! Squats! I DO THEM!" they bellow with glee, their laughter echoing off the gym walls like the hearty "Ho, ho, ho!" from Saint Nick himself. It's a celebration of the purest kind, the kind that comes from doing what you absolutely love, surrounded by the festive atmosphere of your fellow lifters.

This isn't just a workout; it's a holiday, a party where every guest is invited to toast to their health with a cup of good cheer and a barbell. For in this gym, every open squat rack is a Christmas miracle, and every day is an opportunity to unwrap the gift of strength, one joyful squat at a time.

Printed on a cotton polyester rayon blended tee.


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Matt M. (Hoffman Estates, Illinois)
Great shirt

The shirt is so soft and comfortable. I love wearing it at the gym. This will be my year round shirt, not just a holiday one