The Mike Line

It is our duty as red blooded, meat-eating, beard-wearing, whiskey-drinking, pistol-toting, American motherfuckers to take care of our own. Some of our best have left, and have never returned. For them, we live on with a promise of purposeful forward fucking aggression toward all enemy fronts.

Active-duty, veteran, civilian - we're all on the same team. This is bigger then "self". This is an ongoing fight. A fight for our brothers and sisters that need our assistance.

"MIKE" is a call-to-arms for those willing to show their pride and help in a VERY real way. Unapologetically, show the world where you stand on these issues. Team up.

Don't Stop Fighting Till The Fight Is Done.


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Darkness is a Hell of a Coach

It's knowing that this day is done and behind me and tomorrow the sun will rise again.

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