Which Member Are You Going To Be?

You’re special just like everyone else.

Well kind of. Actually not really. We stop being special once we move out of our parent’s house. Big fish little pond becomes regular sized fish in the ocean. But don’t get salty over it. It happens to us all. We grow up, get a job, maybe even start a family of the human or canine variety, whatever floats your boat because you’re special you know.

Day after day we put in the work, do what we’re supposed to do, and next thing you know we’re saying things like “back in the day” and “this used to be my jam.” All of this “hi-ho, hi-ho off to work we go” somehow has made us meld into the status quo. We are grown ups now.

Well kind of. Actually not really. Despite the fact that we go through the motions the truth is that the best of us have maintained our youthful identities and coated them with a veneer of adult responsibility. We can pay our bills, follow the law, tell white lies (about following the law) and still have a rip roaring good time. It just looks different now.

Teenagers deal with their identity angst by blasting loud music and wearing the shirt of their favorite band, character or sport so everyone knows who they are. As grownups we’re different, we bump to our jams in our financed cars and wear shirts with funny slogans, sports teams, or… oh shit. We aren’t any different.

That’s why you need a wardrobe that speaks to who you really are, because after a long day at work where you’re probably forced to conform to the masses and pretend you care about water cooler gossip, it’s time to be yourself. Who exactly are you?

You’re original, funny, quirky, you kinda love exercising and kinda hate it. You are part of the Tango Charlie tribe and we make shirts for people just like you because we are just like you.

Don’t believe me, check out the rundown and see which member of the tribe describes you to the T:

The 5amer

You show up to the gym bright and early, before the cock even has time to crow, ready to make yourself gooder than you were yesterday. You may not be at the top of the leaderboard or lifting the most weights, but you’re sure as hell not at the bottom or lifting baby shit either. You work hard, you’re consistent and you’re dedicated.

The Soccer Mom

First of all, you absolutely hate that name. Your kids don’t even play soccer, but you’re busy bussing them around from practice to practice, game to game, to and from school, to this friend’s and that friend’s, to this club and that club, AND back again. Or maybe you don’t like that name because you’re actually a modern dad who does all of that stuff. Either way, you do it all while managing the house, making sure no one leaves naked or hungry and you work a job. This badass momma management doesn’t end there, you also take care of yourself because you know if momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy (and so on and so forth for Dads too).

The Athlete

“If I could work out all day, I’d be an athlete too,” is something you hear at least once a month, but thanks to your impenetrable mindset you’re able to hold back the rage and say “I bet” with only a slight hint of sarcasm. The truth is you work all day at school or some stepping ladder job and then you bust your ass in the gym every spare minute you get. When you’re not in the gym, you’re getting a competitive edge by prepping food, learning about your craft, and visualizing greatness.

The Coach

Yes you get to wear sweatshirts and comfy clothes all day, but you also deal with a lot of bullshit. Not in the gym, the athletes who don’t listen to your cues, or who refuse to scale weights, or show up late are actually the highlight of your day. You’re in this game because you love working with them and helping them through their problems. It’s the other people outside of the gym who just don’t get it. Their judgey bullshit thinking your life is easy, or your job isn’t real, or that your gym isn’t good enough for them. Those are the ones that leave you tired at the end of it all.

The Good Ol’ Boy

You are known by your dad jokes and dedication to your favorite sports team. Bench surfing is your favorite past time and everyone loves you just the same. Why? Because you’re always there to help anyone who needs it at the drop of a hat and more importantly you’re always good for a laugh. You’re the good ol’ boy whether you've got two x chromosomes or one paired with a y because it’s about the persona not the personal parts if you know what I mean.

What do these people all have in common?

They’re you. They’re hard working badasses that deserve the best. And thanks to all of that work they need sweatpants in their lives for relaxation and funny shirts to keep them sane!

All of our tribe members deserve high quality, super comfortable clothing because of all that they do to make themselves and those around them better. Not only that, they deserve clothes that put a smile on their face at the end of the day too.

Get you a brand that can keep up with your lifestyle and show off what exactly that style is - Be part of the TC Tribe. Thanks for staying awesome.


Stay Classy and Comfy AF Friends,


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