One step closer.

       I feel like absolute shit, I’m still feeling yesterdays workout, struggled with motivation today, and mentally haven’t been all into work lately, all of these thoughts are rushing through my head as I talk myself back into going to the gym. It’s always a struggle for me to get motivated to hit the gym, but especially so in the winter, and we just got smacked with some pretty serious snow.

       Here’s the deal, I know I’m not going to the Crossfit Games, or ever getting close to qualify for regionals, but that’s not why I train, I just want to be a better person than I was yesterday, last week, and last year. When I signed up for the marathon I by no means thought I was going to keep up with the Kenyans, nor did I assume I’d win my age group. (I did neither) But I knew that it was something that I needed to do, to prove to myself that I can do a little bit more than I did yesterday. I presume most of the people I work out with have the same thought process, not trying to win the workout, only beat yesterday. So when it came time to release our next shirt, I decided to focus on being a little bit better than our previous self.

      If you're anything like me our “gooder than yesterday” shirt speaks to you, and you should let everyone know what’s up by rocking it with pride. I’m trying to write, read, and meditate everyday, it’s a challenge but I know that it will help me grow as a human and as an entrepreneur, and with that process force me to become “gooder” Do me a favor, click over to our shopping page and scope out the gooder than yesterday t-shirt and pick one up for you, or someone that is always improving, and use code tangotuesday to save 20% off your purchase. 

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