Mental Toughness -

Mental Toughness was a Thing in 2016. Everywhere I looked, people were asking or advising "how to be more mentally tough," or, "how to build mental toughness." Whether it was for a Metcon or for life in general, it seemed that everyone wanted to become a mental tough guy.

I'm not sure where it came from or why we're all reading books by Navy seals, but we are. I fully admit to falling into the trap myself. I started listening to Jocko, reading Seal Grinder blogs, and training for some non-existent competition in mental fortitude. Then I stopped, pulled myself out of the haze, and realized the people who are the toughest aren't necessarily special operations soldiers, but everyday people like my mom.
Barb is tougher than Jocko Willink. She raised three kids (2 hell-raisers), buried her second husband, started a new career in her 30's, and still somehow persevered through the shittiest of times to a better life. It's your father who worked the same mundane job, picked up double shifts, and missed countless high school playoff games to put your ass through college. It's your neighbor who put in 24 years at Kodak only to find out work is moving overseas and he lost his job and retirement.
So before you load up your Kindle with the next best seller on how to be a mental badass, why not sit for a cup of coffee with your grandfather, the Korean war vet? Ask him how he made it home in one piece and dealt with the adjustment of going from battlefield to workforce in 72 hours after fighting in a war that most people didn't know existed.  You're surrounded by mentally tough people, you just haven't taken a break from social media long enough to realize it. You're stronger than you think you are, and capable of more. Trust me.  NOW GO.

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