Complacency Kills.

So we've heard it a thousand times, it's not just about reaching the top of the mountain it's about enjoying the journey, #embracetheprocess #struggleiscool blah blah blah. What you don't hear about is after people get to the top of the mountain, rip a couple selfies, they've got a treacherous journey down.


The descent, the descent will fucking kill you.


You're tired, you've already achieved your goal, you haven't had enough water, and your probably thinking about that comfy bed at basecamp. You're rushed, complacent and  increasing the probability of error with every step.


You've got two ways to come down from this high, whether business, fitness, or life


The two ways I see it, you come down with pride, carefully stepping your way, assessing each foot hold, trying not to cheat, tactfully thinking through each step… Or you can fly down the mountain already thinking about the next peak.


You see most people don't give a fuck at this point, they've already seen what they've come to see, and can only think about the next peak, or mountain, because it is the taste of success that drives your feet.


That complacency will kill you, I hit my peak in Crossfit about 5 years ago, my weight was perfect my strength was top tier at the time, my flexibility was improving, and my gymnastics were as good as they'll ever get. Now after I hit my peak I didn't come down gracefully, I fell down the mountain, I became complacent, figured I was good enough, and I'd focus on the next goal. Maintenance was not my thing, my bad.


Fast forward five years later and I'm struggling up a trail thats half the size, gasping for breath the whole way.


I've taken that lesson very seriously in Business, after a big event, or quarter we're always analyzing on what we've done correctly, what we suck at and how we're going to improve next time. Always thinking about my next step or foothold.



Have you hit a peak? are you going to cruise you're way down not paying any attention and almost die?  Most hiking accidents occur during the descent, don't be a statistic, pay the fuck attention to what's going on, and make it to your next peak.


Until then.


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