7 Trips to Regionals- Proven

I competed against Dan Goldberg 5 years ago in a local series, he smoked me...... 5 years later, he's a lot fitter and i'm ....well i'm here..... I walked into Crossfit Syracuse into what looked like one of the busiest noon classes I've ever been to. As Dan and I began chatting I crushed the rest of my coffee and watched him warm up. Discussing mostly programming, and his history of coaches, Dan explained that he's been following Competitors Training for the last year, and in the past he's worked with Josh Mezzo, OPEX and followed Crossfit.com. We then jumped into the workout,  After Dan Pr'd on the Snatch Emom (smashing 265 with ease)  we jumped into the admiral. Dan buried me by about 6 minutes, after he caught his breath, he was up pushing me through the rest of the workout (thats the type of guy he is). He then began his gymnastics portion of the day as I got my shit together and started thinking of excuses on why I couldn't do 45 muscle ups. We spoke further about what makes him so successful as an athlete, he pointed to his coaches, his wife, and now his daughter who has changed his outlook on life. Dan's coaches are incredible, they alleviate stress and breed an incredible community at CFS. Dan's wife is his rock, he made no qualms stating that she runs the business side of the house and a major reason for the success of CFS and Dan as an athlete is because of Ellen.  When I asked him what separates him from other competitors? he stated "I am just so relentless when it comes to achieving a goal I really want. From business to sport, if I set my sights on it, I will do everything in my power to get there.  Anyone can work hard for a day, most people can work hard for a month but there aren’t many of us who can work hard forever. Who can sacrifice immediate comfort indefinitely in pursuit of a goal they might not achieve any time soon.  I might fail a few times but I’ll just figure out another way to approach the obstacle and I will eventually get it. With that being said, I only set achievable goals for myself."  Dan is one of the most humble athletes i've met on and off the mat,  he stated he had to rewrite his answers so he didn't come off as a overly confident. Dan continued the next portion of his workout as I began my journey home I thought further about the team that surrounds Dan, and how many hours of work he puts in a day, and see certain things that separate him from others. Dan's humility, work ethic, and love for the sport are what make him who he is. What makes you? Follow Dan's journey @dannygoldcuse and watch him go for an 8th consecutive run at regionals, and watch us from the stands at regionals screaming our fucking lungs out in support.

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