The Open is Almost Here.

This year I have the awesome opportunity to sponsor and follow a local team on the road to regionals. Obviously, the team isn’t guaranteed a spot but I’m confident that they are one of the strongest teams in the Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse area. The team is training out of Paradigm Performance in Rochester and consists of some hardcore fucking studs. With the open around the corner, we’re watching a lot of athletes prep by mass conditioning, heavy-ass lifting, and battling through some brutal workouts in an attempt to build there engine before the open. As most of us have realized in the last couple years, the open isn’t about strength. It's about having an engine. Follow me as I follow them through there training, qualification process, and hopefully a trip to the Northeast Regionals. Next week we're going to take a overview of the team roster and hit an in-depth view of Anthony Ronchi, the head coach and owner at Crossfit P2.
Stand by!
- Tom

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