6 Reasons Why You Want to Buy Tango Charlie Apparel for Christmas

Whether you’re looking to fill your own stocking, aiming to satisfy the receiver of the best gift ever, or totally procrastinated on the Christmas thing and need to get something NOW, we’ve got you covered. Like literally, our clothes cover all of those bases and your body at the same time. In fact that could be one of the reasons you want to buy Tango Charlie Apparel for Christmas, it does it all!

But seriously, there are six other legitimate reasons. You definitely want some TCA gear for Christmas because...

  1. You Like to Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine. If you’re in the Northeast like our headquarters you could head out to the local interstate and watch everyone try to drive in the first snowfall for a good one. Or you could stay warm, open up the shop tab on this site and buy a shirt. We’ve got humor by the shirtfull.

Our second best seller is the purple “Strong-ish” design. Give this to your husband and rub in your womanaly dominance, or get it in your size and prepare to smile everytime you pull it on. Self deprecating humor always gets more laughs than slapstick pain. We’ve got a lot of that because we know that at the end of the day working out is a great health benefit and stress relief, but nothing beats laughter. If you can’t laugh at yourself who can you laugh at?

  1. You’re Nice-ish to Others

Speaking of laughing at others… I mean yourself, our shirts are the nicest thing you could do for them. The joke’s-on-you humor brings happiness to other people by making them laugh when they see it. What’s going to happen when you show up for the New Year’s nutrition challenge at work wearing “Will Row for Donuts”,  or one of your gym’s Dave Castro CrossFit Open torture events that includes stupid-human tricks on the rings adorned with the Sloth Muscle Up Tee? Smiles. That’s what will happen.

You’re so nice to others that you go out of your way to make fun of yourself to see them smile. Or maybe you are nice-ish and you want to buy your favorite gym buddy, or snack obsessed best friend a shirt that points out their lovable weakness. Either way people are going to be laughing and what better gift is there than that?

  1. You Like to Talk

Do you prefer to do your lifts at a different kind of bar? No problem, like I said, Tango Charlie Apparel’s got it all covered! Show up at the local pub with the “Snatches and Whiskey” shirt and you’re sure to start a conversation or two (careful though, those not privy to weightlifting lingo might think you’re getting fresh which could end horribly or beautifully depending on the situation…).

Even if you’re not out on the town, these slogans open the door for meeting new friends. You can get serious and philosophical with “Life is a beautiful lie, death a painful truth” or keep it light hearted with “Thruster, I don’t even know her” (again, be careful with that one - it wouldn’t make a great first date Tee unless you’re weeding out the Fitness fans from the rest). Both offer an opportunity to have some discussion and show people a little bit about your personality.

You Don’t Like Overpriced Garbage

Another thing people will notice when you’re wearing Tango Charlie Apparel is that you don’t like overpriced garbage. Name Brand is synonymous with being a brainwashed lemming. Most high cost T-shirts are nothing more than a high priced tag slapped on a low quality piece of cotton, or as Macklemore so elegantly stated, “Fifty dollars for a T-shirt - that's just some ignorant bitch. Shit I call that getting swindled and pimped. Shit I call that getting tricked by a business.”

TCA shirts are made with tri-blend fabric. No tricks here, we use the best of the best. Our brand was created with the goal of providing high quality, hilarious, comfy as fuck clothing to our tribe: the people who  work hard everyday and try to be the best versions of themselves. That’s you. Someone who deserves our adequately priced valuables.

You Support Those Who Support Others

Your philanthropy probably runs deeper than just wearing a shirt to brighten someone else’s day. So does ours. At the core of our brand is a desire to give back. Many lessons about appreciating laughter and honoring life are learned by those who put their own lives on the line. TCA honors those who serve all of us and you can find a shirt for your favorite hero whether s/he is a firefighter, police officer, or member of the United States armed services in the Marine Corps, Army, Navy, Air Force or Coast Guard.

A portion of every sale from the Mike Line listed above goes toward a local charity. Giving is the spirit of the season and we give back to the community year-round. We donate to Warrior Salute Veteran Services, an organization that selflessly strives to help veterans regain their lives through a host of opportunities and organizations. Another portion of our proceeds goes to 5-5-5 Fitness Apparel and helps them to provide grants that get firefighters better prepared for service through gym equipment, memberships and specific workout programming. Another not for profit charity dear to our hearts is Team Some Assembly Required, who was founded by veterans and strives to push the boundaries for adaptive athletes everywhere.

You Want to Be Happy

Simply put, you want to buy Tango Charlie Apparel for Christmas so you can be happy. It’s nice for you, nice for others and nice for the world. On top of that it’s just plain old comfy as fuck. There’s nothing better than getting a full body hug from the soft, fleece joggers and a warm hoody after a long day, or even a short one for that matter. There’s a reason they’re our number one seller.

And there’s six reasons why you want TCA for Christmas.

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