I don't care.

don't care about Kathy Griffin, I don't care about 'covfefe' or other Twitter rants. I barely remember where Syria is on a map, and I've been there, I skirted the border for 12 months. I'm not overly concerned with anything that's happening on CNN or Fox anymore, as everything is a crisis. I'm not offended much by anything, so I'm not sure why everyone else is. 
I care about being the best business owner I can be, making people...


Well, I'm fucking exhausted. We pushed hard, and with the amount of work we put in, it feels great to be done. Looking back we had our biggest month in sales ever. It took a ton of planning, a ton of driving, and most importantly hours and hours of grunt work. It's funny how a successful month for us can correlate to someone making it to regionals as an athlete.

While some of our competitors were looking at others and copying what they did, or concerning themselves with the newest trend, we were planning and grinding just like our regional athletes....

Two Wolves-

There's nothing harder than getting back into the groove of things... mustering the courage to start dating again after a bad break up with someone you thought was "the one", learning how to do everyday tasks after having your arm in a cast for 8 weeks, waking up at 6 AM for work when you just got off a two week vacation in paradise.

I felt just how hard getting back in the groove could be this morning. After having taken a couple of months off from the gym so I could have a mental reset, I decided to...

A brown dog, A Bachelor party, a black firefighter and a metric shit ton of manual labor

A brown dog, A Bachelor party, a black firefighter and a metric shit ton of manual labor

That title got ya huh?

This week began with a conversation with my homey Lew Downs. I've known Lew since the inception of Tango Charlie Apparel: he's a strikingly handsome, well-spoken, black firefighter from Illinois. I've watched him compete, read his (long ass) blog posts, and been motivated by his rhetoric. We at TCA will be bringing Lew on as a blogger for a couple reasons, but most importantly he adds a different perspective to our company. I didn't grow up as an African American in the South, I'm petrified of fires, and I don't have a 500+ front squat...


At 13 years old I watched my stepfather, mentor, and role model die of cancer. He and my mother hadn't been together long, but what I experienced of him helped shape me as a man.
He was a bigger than life kinda guy: his Ford SHO ripped into the driveway, he'd stroll in the house at 6 foot something, duck through the doorway, hang his derby cap on the coat rack and instantly start breaking my balls about school and homework. He wasn't the easiest to get...