Which Member Are You Going To Be?

You’re special just like everyone else.

Well kind of. Actually not really. We stop being special once we move out of our parent’s house. Big fish little pond becomes regular sized fish in the ocean. But don’t get salty over it. It happens to us all. We grow up, get a job, maybe even start a family of the human or canine variety, whatever floats your boat because you’re special you know.

Day after day we put in the work, do what we’re supposed to do, and next thing you know we’re saying things...

7 Stages of the Crossfit Life Cycle.

7 Stages of the Crossfit Life Cycle.

7 Stages of the CrossFit Life Cycle: Which One Are You?

How long have you been alive?

That’s how long I’ve been doing CrossFit! Well, not really, but at this point I’ve been in the game longer than most of the people I know and interact with. I’ve been here to see it become a trend, then a rapidly expanding bubble expected to burst like all of the previous fads, and finally into a mainstay in the fitness industry.

As I watched CrossFit go through its growing pains, I...

Complacency Kills.

Complacency Kills.

So we've heard it a thousand times, it's not just about reaching the top of the mountain it's about enjoying the journey, #embracetheprocess #struggleiscool blah blah blah. What you don't hear about is after people get to the top of the mountain, rip a couple selfies, they've got a treacherous journey down.


The descent, the descent will fucking kill you.


You're tired, you've already achieved your goal, you haven't had enough water, and your probably thinking about that comfy bed at basecamp. You're rushed, complacent and  increasing...

Life Lessons from the guy on the couch.



Hey Ya'll,

This month I had a buddy/guy on the couch drop into my home. His name is Spencer, I met him in Iraq 9 years ago, and for some reason maintained contact with him. Either way, Spencer lives in his car, grows broccoli sprouts in mason jars, and travels the world living a super cool life.

Here's a couple lessons that I learned from his short stay with me. 

1) Eating healthy isn't hard. If he can do it living out of a fucking car, you can order a salad at Panera.


5 reasons you suck at deadlifting. - 6 minute read- by Kyle Sheridan 800 pound deadlifter

5 reasons you suck at deadlifting...
1) Bracing. You don't know what that means. You don't do it. You hurt yourself deadlifting, and then you blame deadlifting on why you hurt your back. This is easily the number one thing that can keep you safe, and also help you perform the lift more efficiently. I was lucky enough to be able to train with my fellow USPlabs teammate, Chris Duffin, a couple years ago and he explained this concept perfectly and it's still how I explain the bracing technique to everyone.